Social Interaction & Community Networking

Here at Priority Access Care Australia we feel that community participation is a very important part of a person's life and brings stability to mental and overall well-being. Understanding this, we can provide a comfortable path to integration through NDIS community access.

Our trained specialists will offered proper social assistance along with community participation activities, to help build a social network and develop or re-develop the skills required to maintain it.

Every step of the way, we will be able to guide those that require a social connection through all activities, be it visiting social meets, local arts and crafts, libraries, sporting events or other various interesting locations.

At Priority Access Care Australia, our NDIS programs are built with the focus on helping the participants become involved in social activities and are designed to enhance their personality and build confidence. Eventually this will help them break down the barriers caused but mobility or cognitive disabilities.

In this case, we assist and encourage Priority Access Care Australia participants to step beyond their comfort zone and learn to flourish.

  • Visit Family & Friends
  • Engage in Social Meets
  • Attend Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Social Gaming
  • Attend Movies & Events
  • Visit Museums & Libraries
  • Attend Concerts
  • Enjoy BBQs in the Park